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Trust Services and Fees

Client shall pay the Company an annual fee for services that shall be deducted quarterly from the Client’s account. Each quarterly billing shall be twenty-five percent of the appropriate annual fee applied to the market value of the account as of the close of business on the last day of the preceding quarter. The Philadelphia Trust Company’s standard fee schedule is as follows:

Asset Value of the Equity or Balanced Account Annual Fee

On the first $5 million
On the next $10 million
On the next $10 million
Above $25 million

Minimum Annual Fee per Account is $1,000.


Asset Value of a Fixed-Income Account Annual Fee

On a dedicated fixed-income account


Non Discretionary Account


The market value of the account will be determined by the custodian, whose determination will be binding on Adviser and Client.

Where the Company serves as a trustee, its schedule of compensation shall include all administrative and investment services, except for the cost of trading securities, preparation of fiduciary income tax returns and accountings.

The Company serves as an executor or co-executor in estates in excess of $1,000,000. Compensation is based on the date of death value as follows:

On Probate Assets Fee

On the first $1,000,000
On the next $1,000,000
On the balance over $2,000,000


The Company may charge a fee of 1% on the value of non-probate assets, depending upon the circumstances and responsibilities. There is no such charge on continuing trusts funded by the decedent with the Company during his or her lifetime. A 2% fee is charged for real estate transactions with a broker and 5% for transactions without a broker.


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