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We select equities that exhibit the core characteristics that define our credo
Equity Portfolio Management

The Investment Policy Committee, adhering to The Philadelphia Trust Company's credo selects from the universe of listed equities, issues exhibiting the core characteristics that define our credo. Our approach rates key characteristics including:

• Earnings Momentum
• Earnings Growth
• Cash Flow
• A Reasonable Price to Earnings Ratio
• A Strong Balance Sheet
• Dominant Market Position

Only after these criteria are met, and a fundamental review assessing the economic conditions, business activity, and competitive position of a given company, will a buy recommendation be made.

Portfolios are then built from our list of recommended securities and diversified across industries. A portfolio will typically hold up to thirty-five stocks.

The Philadelphia Trust Company's credo and stock selection criteria eliminate many of the trendy stocks that make headlines. Short-term sensations can become mid - term disappointments and end up long- term disasters. There are several basic reasons for considering the selling of a portfolio holding:

• A fundamental change in the nature of the industry or company that is
...deemed to be detrimental
• The reversal of a positive earnings trend
• To maintain relative diversification when a stock has markedly
...outperformed, elevating its value within the portfolio
• A low or declining ranking in our quantitative system.


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